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Darla/Drusilla. Tracks and links. Angel.

For those voted for the most wanted soundtracks, here's number three on your list. 13 songs about sex, blood and girls who love their shopping sprees. Songs are on yousendit, so they'll be there for a few days. If you get an invalid link, comment and I'll refresh the mentioned song once. After that you can email me for music.

Let me know what you guys thinks :D

01. Sleater-Kinney - Buy Her Candy

like water like spring
fickle fancy fickle girl
rain down from the sky
when i need you the most

02. Jack Off Jill - Devil With The Black Dress On.

Good girl with the black eyes
Believe in future past
Everything that I want happens
See how long that lasts

03. Veruca Salt-Volcano Girls.

Volcano girls we really can't be beat
Warm us up and watch us blow
But now and then we fail and we admit defeat
We're falling off we are watered down and fully grown

04. Jack Off Jill - Cinnamon Spider.

A witch will burn
when she's thrown into the fire
Not her she'll peel and writhe
but never expire
She crawls on webs of lies
I die up inside her
to take what's mine
that bitch the cinnamon spider

05. Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out.

I wear your rings and sores
in me in me it shows

06. Hole - Doll Parts.

I am doll parts
Bad skin, doll heart
It stands for knife
For the rest of my life

07. Evanescence - Everybody's Fool.

Perfect by nature
Icons of self indulgence
Just what we all need
More lies about a world that
Never was and never will be

08. Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl.

Blood on her skin
Dripping with Sin
Do it again
a Living Dead Girl

09. Tori Amos - She's Your Cocaine.

She says control it
Then she says don't control it
Then she says you're controlling
The way she makes you crawl

10. Jack Off Jill - Vivica.

I'd like to keep her here with me
And tell her that she's beautiful
She takes the pills to fall asleep
And dreams that she's invisible
Tormented dreams she stays awake
Recalls when she was capable

11. Eve 6 - Girl Eyes.

Girl eyes tend to hypnotize
The trance is so divine
Decide to be the reason why
I stay another night

12. Jack Off Jill - I Touch Myself.

You clutch your eyes and see me before you
Think you would die if i were to ignore you
A fool could seehow much you adore me
Get down on your knees and do anything for me

13. Tori Amos - Crazy.

Not sayin'
not charmed at all
Not sayin'
that you weren't worth
the fall
And I was alone when
I knew it was real
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