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Welcome! Guidelines and Rules.

Welcome to a community created for people who love music, fandoms and each other in a crazy lovable way. Live making soundtracks for different characters and ships? Hear a song on the radio that reminds you of your favorite character? You've come to the right place. This community is all about sharing music with fellow fans.

Before you start posting though, made sure you have read the following guidelines:

1. You post should be titled "Character/Ship Soundtrack. Content. Fandom." Makes easier for us to archive.

Example: Darla Soundtrack. Playlist and CD cover. Angel the Series.

2. Just one subject per post. If you have more than one soundtrack, make it different posts.

3. YouSendIt is your god. If you want share mp3s and don't have the space, go here.

4. You should have at least five songs to post. You can post mp3s, you can post track lists, you can posts lyrics and say why certain songs reminds you so much of that particular character ship. If your post is more than ten lines long, use an lj cut.

5. On lyrics posting, if you are linking to a lyrics site, please beware those popup spyware loving ones.

6. All lyrics are allowed, but if you happen to be posting something with adult content, put a warning.

7. No flaming, bashing or attacking of any kind. You will be banned if you break this rule.

8. If you're posting mp3s, let people know how long the songs will be online. YouSend It allows for one week I believe.

9. If you're downloading an mp3, comment. Be nice to the people providing music for you. Don't link to their mp3s as well. Do not stream. If you wish to share a song with friends outside the community, save the file to your own server.

10. While you don't have to explain while each and every song in your tracklist reminds of that character/ship, it's a nice way to share your feelings with fellow music fans.

11. You have your list of character/ship songs, but somebody else already posted a soundtrack, and your songs are different? Post away! What better way to celebrate fandom love than with multiple soundtracks?
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