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multifan_soundt's Journal

Multifandom Soundtracks
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Welcome to Multifandom Soundtracks, a project born of a concept by Fan Soundtrack Project which has inspired countless soundtrack communities across livejournal.

We're a all fandoms, all the time type of community. You have the ultimate Xander Harris soundtrack? Have a list of songs that perfectly describe the relationship between Dumbledore/Darla/the Giant Squid? Created the CD cover along with your track list of Lex Luthor's songs? This is the place for you.

2. On that same note, you have your list of Hermione songs, but somebody else already posted a soundtrack and your songs are different? Post away! What better way to celebrate fandom love than with multiple soundtracks?

Before posting, be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines. Our rules are clean, simple and help keep this community working.